SCORM Explained

SCORM Explained

SCORM is a set of of technical standards which specify how e-learning software should be built. It is the de facto industry standard for e-learning interoperability.

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Recent blog posts:
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SCORM 101 Presentation

[June 11, 2009]
We’re often asked to make presentations on SCORM. Typically these sessions are quick overviews of what SCORM is, how it works, why it is important, etc. Here is a virtual presentation of “SCORM 101” that Mike Rustici made to the metro-DC chapter of ASTD.

LETSI Run-time Web Services Project Orientation

[June 30, 2009]
This presentation was made virtually to SALTIS in June 2009. It describes the initial work of the LETSI Run-time web services project. This first phase is creating a web services binding for the SCORM 2004 API.

LETSI Web Services For Learning Run-time Communication

[Nov 10+13 2009]
Mike presented this talk twice at DevLearn 2009. It talks about:

  • The history of LETSI
  • The rationale behind pursuing the Web Services for Learning project
  • The success of LETSI’s innovative approach
  • The current state of the project including working demonstrations

Isn’t Prezi cool!

Project Tin Can Overview

[Fall 2011]
We presented this talk several times during the second half of 2011. It gives an overview of Project Tin Can and the proposed solution. See a slides of the presentation from LEEF 2011.

Project Tin Can Presentation

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Learn about SCORM from a business perspective.

Read about the technical implementation of SCORM.

Find more resources, including a glossary of common SCORM terms, a SCORM reference poster and links to other sites about SCORM.

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