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Authoring Tools that do SCORM

In almost any presentation we give, the question comes up – what SCORM authoring tools do you recommend? And the answer is always the same – we don’t. We just can’t.

See, some authoring tools use our SCORM Driver, and some should use our SCORM Driver. The whole client/prospective client thing is a little bit of a problem because any recommendation we make would be colored by the commercial side of things. Add to that the fact that what we know is SCORM, not content authoring, and we really shouldn’t be making recommendations.

All of that aside, we’ve been able to use our unique position in the e-learning community to put together a tool called the e-Learning Atlas.

e-learning atlas content tools scorm aicc what authoring tool to use

The e-Learning Atlas is a list of every company and product in the e-learning space. It’s sortable and filterable by just about any criteria that you’d need, and it’s the only database in the world that contains e-learning specifications (SCORM, AICC, etc.) by product.

Which type of content tool are you looking for?