XML Schema Definition Files

These schema definition files should be included in every SCORM package.

Download the SCORM Manifest XML Schema Definition Files

To be properly formatted, every SCORM package should include the full set of XML schema definition files that define the format of the SCORM manifest file. The appropriate set of files varies based on the version of the SCORM standard. In SCORM 2004, if your content does not use metadata, then far fewer XSD files are required. The links below allow you to download just the subset of XSD files that you need.

Each download also includes a manifest template that is useful for copying the XML namespace declarations in the header of the manifest tag. (Note: your browser might not render the full set of XML namespace declarations, save the file to your computer and open in a text or XML editor to ensure that you see the complete header.)

Click below to download .XSD and .DTD files appropriate for each version of SCORM.