SCORM, OSx, and iOS

So, does SCORM work in the Apple world? Yep.

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iOS, Mac, and SCORM

ios mac apple osx scormSCORM needs a web browser with javascript support, and an Internet connection, all of which have been supported by Macs and OSx for a long time. As long as your LMS will run on a Mac, SCORM itself will do just fine.

iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches) have all of the things needed to run SCORM content as well, but there are a few things inherent with the mobile nature of iOS devices that can pose a challenge for SCORM.

  • Screen size. If your LMS and content aren’t meant for a phone-sized screen (or if they aren’t adaptable) then you might run into some usability issues.
  • Flash. iOS doesn’t support Flash, so if your content is built with Flash then it won’t work on iOS.
  • Connectivity. In almost every case, SCORM needs a constant Internet connection in order to report interactions back to an LMS. If your iOS device is on a wifi network or in a location that has solid cell/3G reception, then the connectivity issue isn’t a problem. If there is only intermittent connectivity, then your LMS might struggle to store a learner’s progress (though it can be done – contact us at here to learn more). It’s even possible to have a native app for iOS that runs SCORM content with only intermittent Internet connectivity, it’s just not easy.

Any LMS that’s powered by SCORM Engine will run SCORM content just fine on iOS, as long as it meets the three above qualifications.

If you have a concern about how well your content will run on iOS devices, then just test out your content in SCORM Cloud from your iOS device. The SCORM Cloud player could be optimized a little better to handle iOS (and it’s on our road map to do so), but it will give you an idea of what your content will look like.