When is SCORM a good fit?

When is SCORM a Good Fit?

You definitely want to be SCORM conformant if:

  • You want to integrate with other vendors.
  • You are creating a large library of learning objects.
  • You are using an LMS to deliver and manage learning content.
  • You are designing learning content that might be reused in other contexts.
  • You are designing learning content that tracks learner performance.

When is SCORM Not a Good Fit?

SCORM is only useful in certain situations.  SCORM is likely a poor fit or overkill if:

  • You are designing simple, static hyperlinked content (like a web page)
  • You just need to publish simple reference material
  • You are using a single internal system that will never change
  • You are developing non-traditional online learning such as advanced simulations and serious games. For non-traditional elearning, simulators and games, check out xAPI.

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