As you may know, SCORM is a reference model that is composed of other underlying standards. Two of the most important parts of SCORM, the CMI data model and the ECMAScript API, are governed by the IEEE. The IEEE is currently soliciting comments on these standards. That means, now is the time for you to speak up if there are things that you want to see changed.

  • Does the data model need more elements (for instance interaction results descriptions)?
  • Do you need more places to store things (perhaps some more storage)?
  • Are things too complicated? Too simple?
  • Should the JavaScript API be changed?

Use your imagination and speak up. Now is the time to be heard. The wheels are in motion for the evolution of SCORM. They turn slowly, but they are turning.

Request for Comment on IEEE LTSC CMI Standards

The IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) is issuing this Request for Comment on three of its foundational standards:

  • 1484.11.1: IEEE Standard for Learning Technology – Data Model for Content Object Communication
  • 1484.11.2: IEEE Standard for Learning Technology – ECMAScript Application Programming Interface for Content to Runtime Services
  • 1484.11.3: IEEE Standard for Learning Technology – Extensible Markup Language (XML) Schema Binding for Data Model for Content Object Communication

These standards were completed between 2003 and 2005 and have been implemented in many different applications around the world.

  • They derive from portions of the Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) CMI Guidelines for Interoperability specification.
  • They have been profiled by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative’s Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM(R)), and SCORM 2004 3rd Edition has recently been approved as an ISO-IEC Technical Report.
  • They are currently being used in a Web Service interoperability project by the International Federation for Learning, Education, and Training System Interoperability (LETSI).

These standards have been in use for over 6 years, so the IEEE LTSC is now deciding whether or not these standards need to be revised. The IEEE LTSC CMI Working group seeks your participation in submitting comments on these standards for consideration in this decision process.

All comments should be sent to All comments received will be made public on the IEEE LTSC website ( and will be discussed at a CMI Working Group meeting in the future.

The request for comment review period is scheduled to end on January 22, 2010, at which time the IEEE LTSC CMI Working Group will begin to review and determine the next steps for these standards.

Thank you for your participation in this effort.

IEEE LTSC Chair – Don Holmes
IEEE LTSC CMI Working Group Chair – Schawn Thropp (

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