I love SCORM but Tin Can API is the future

Tin Can First

I love SCORM. I’ve built a career and a business around SCORM. When I first read the SCORM spec, I admired its elegance and foresight. SCORM has revolutionized the elearning industry and allowed a market to flourish. SCORM certainly has some warts and even a…

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Edtech's Big Mistake: Being Unable to Share Data About Learning

EdTech’s Big Mistake

There are so many super cool EdTech startups right now. The list goes on and on, and nearly every one of them is making a tragic mistake, a mistake that corporate LMSs and content vendors made about 15 years ago. Nearly every EdTech company seems…

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What Would it Be Like to Look in Our Brains & See What We're Learning

Inside Your Brain

How cool would it be if we could look inside our brains and see what we're learning and how we're learning it? But we can't do it. We can't manage learning. So what the heck are we doing with ourselves? Why are we building learning management systems and specifications…

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Project Tine Can Lets Us Throw Off SCORM's Shackles

SCORM’s Shackles

One learner launching a course in a browser from within an LMS that can't talk to other LMSs. SCORM's done a lot a great stuff, but it does come with baggage, doesn't it? Today's learning world requires something more, doesn't it? Project Tin Can gave us the opportunity to throw off SCORM's shackles,…

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Thanks to Those of You Who Imagined, Built and Nurtured SCORM


Thirteen years ago, a collection of like-minded folks gathered to find a better way for eLearning systems to work well together. Philip Dodds, Claude Ostyn, and many others gave their time to solve problems like resuability and interoperability. They looked at the best technology and…

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