learner launching a course in a browser from within an LMS that can’t talk to other LMSs.

SCORM’s done a lot a great stuff, but it does come with baggage, doesn’t it? Today’s learning world requires something more, doesn’t it?

Project Tin Can gave us the opportunity to throw off SCORM’s shackles, and we took it. Tin Can provides the plumbing that will free us, as an eLearning industry and beyond, from these limitations. ADL is sprinting toward a wide release of Tin Can API, and it’s going to change that opening statement dramatically.

One learner or many launching a course or any other activity from wherever they like on any device and communicating that experience to an LMS or any other system, all of which can talk to each other.

We’ve all wanted SCORM to get out of our way at some point, the Tin Can API is happening. So, now what? What experiences will you design? What tools will you build?

We’re excited to announce to focus on all things Tin Can.Take a look and let us know what you think.