You’ve probably noticed that looks different today. As promised, we updated the site to bring it up to more modern standards (yes- a responsive site, finally!). While updating the site, we have also done some housekeeping to move our company and product information to, while keeping in place as reference site. So if you’re looking for best practices for handling SCORM interactions, you’re in the right place. If you want to see documentation for the latest version of SCORM Engine, you’ll want to head over to

We spent a lot of time digging into Google Analytics and other fun tools to ensure that the content visitors find most useful on this site is still easy to find and much easier to access from multiple devices.

We hope you like the new look and updates that we’ve made. We’re also human. So if we moved something or you can’t find a SCORM resource that you rely on, let us know. is here to help you understand more about the standard and we’re still here to help you in any way. So, ask us anything. Really.

– Your Friends at Rustici Software

Tammy knew what SCORM was several years before joining Rustici Software, and she’s not even a standards geek. She’s the Managing Director and leads our company with a passionate commitment to caring for our people and customers. She’s also an Iron(wo)Man many times over.