Here I go, here I go, here I go… again. I’ve been called to defend SCORM’s honor again.

I caught a tweet yesterday.

E-Learning in Drupal – SCORM RTE for Drupal now released! Watch the demo:


We are big believers in SCORM being implemented everywhere. Obviously, we like the idea of any system in the world being able to deliver SCORM training. (We like it more if we’re the ones doing it, but really, if SCORM becomes progressively more important, I’m pretty sure we’ll benefit from that.)

So, as you would expect, I went to check out the screencast of the Drupal/SCORM integration. I’d be more than happy for you to do the same. (You can see it here.)



When The Partridge Family famously said, “I’ll meet you halfway, that’s better than no way,” they weren’t talking about SCORM. Half of a SCORM implementation is a bizarre form of torture.


So what brings me to the point of quoting The Partridge Family today? As you might imagine, the Drupal SCORM implementation mentioned above falls well short of SCORM conformance. How do I know? The screencast indicates that the implementation supports neither completion_status nor location. The first two things I would tell any content vendor to implement in their content would be completion and bookmarking, neither of which will work in this implementation!

Truth be told, I’m not really this angry about it. I appreciate the efforts to include SCORM in more systems, but SCORM really suffers from inconsistent implementations. If you’re going to implement part of SCORM, please do the industry as a whole a favor… finish it.

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