4th Edition Release

Just following up on yesterday’s post regarding SCORM 2004 4th Edition testing. According to this tweet, it looks as if ADL may be holding off until August for this testing. We will likely follow suit so as to be sure to release a certifiable product right away.

  • Tony Lin

    Would you consider releasing 2009.1 ASAP for those interested and making 2009.2 the certified release in the event 2009.1 doesn’t pass? Or maybe 2009.1 beta would be a better moniker, to emphasize the fact that it hasn’t finished certification. In any event, there must be some people out there interested in using some of the new features who would rather not wait that long.

  • Tony.

    Fair question. We’re very likely to release a beta to TestTrack for testing. Would that be sufficient for your purposes? Or are you a SCORM Engine customer who’d really like to install a few new things early? The question from my perspective is, “Would customers see enough benefit in 2009.1 absent SCORM 2004 4th Edition to merit a release cycle on our part and on their part?”