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  • Rajesh Prajapati

    Our SCORM 2004 course contains 4 modules where Module 2 further contains 3 items:-
    1. Pre-test
    2. Course
    3. Post-test

    So course hierarchy is like:-
    1. Module 1
    2. Module 2
    2.1 Pre-test
    2.2 Course
    2.3 Post Test
    3. Module 3
    4. Module 4

    There are certain conditions on the basis of which we need to activate module 3 which says:-
    1. If learner get score of 85 in pretest then mark pre-test as complete as enable Module 3.
    2. If learner does not get score as 85 then mark pre-test as complete and enable Module 2 > Course and not the Module 3.

    Now once the learner completed the Pre-test we are always sending 2 values to LMS first is “cmi.completion_status” = “completed” and second is “cmi.success_status” = “passed or failed”. Problem is that Plateau always mark the Pre-test as completed(and shows a tick icon) if I pass these values as “completed” and “passed” but it does not show tick if I pass these values as “completed” and “failed”.

    We need to understand how we could mark a item as completed if I’m failing that item because that is our course requirement.

    I’m also attaching the imsmanifest.xml file for your vendor’s reference and just for their information that this course is running fine in ADL Test Suite and ADL Sample RTE.

    Any help on this will be really appreciated. Please let me know if in case I’m not clear on any of the above things.

  • Hi Rajesh,

    I answered your question over in our support forums. Hope this helps.