Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

We Need Security/Authentication

scorm project tin can security oathIt’s pretty well-known that older e-learning specs lack robust security. LETSI RTWS offers a solution for security, and it’s a good start.

The Tin Can API builds on RTWS’s approach. It’s similar to the way that RTWS authenticates, but it’s more flexible. In the Tin Can API, authentication is tied to the user, not the content. The user can be any person or thing that is asserting the statement. The user can be a learner, an instructor, or a even a software agent — and it can authenticate with OAuth.

With the Tin Can API, content can be secured and e-learning can be used for higher-stakes training.

See the comments below to see how we got to where we are today regarding security in the Tin Can API, and share your thoughts on how we’ve implemented it so far.

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