Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

I Want To Do My Own Sequencing

People have problems getting sequencing to work the way it was meant to because of interoperability issues between content and LMSs. There has always been too much room for an LMS to misinterpret the sequencing put forth by content creators.

The problem is pervasive enough that many content creators pack multiple SCOs into one SCO in order to have a fluid user experience, even though they forgo the extra reporting they get from using multiple SCOs.

How do we fix this? We remove the need for the convoluted sequencing spec.

scorm tin can sequencing in content activity

The Tin Can API leaves sequencing up to the content/activity. There is no room for the LRS to misinterpret sequencing, because the LRS never touches it. The content/activity just reports statements to the LRS when appropriate.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think about how the Tin Can API handles sequencing.

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