Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

Tag Content With Skills

next generation scorm project tin can tag content with skills
Currently, the Tin Can API allows for three good use cases from tagging content:

  • Reporting based on tags (how did our organization perform on content tagged as “safety training?”)
  • A learner can see tags and get information about a certain activity
  • A learner can rate an activity

Querying/filtering based on tags is something that is really powerful. It’s not currently defined in the Tin Can API, but it’s definitely on the roadmap.

Querying/filtering based on tags brings organization. In the past, there has been no standardized way to organize content based on different skills or what the content pertains to.

Tagging content/activities with skills allows for LRS administrators and learners (with the correct permission levels) to easily find and manage the content they need. This is particularly helpful for big organizations and/or organizations with a large amount of content.

Learners in an LRS can also have tags, so if you’d like to query your LRS for people that have passed “advanced forklift driving,” you’ll be able to do that.

While all of these new capabilities are fantastic, we’re aware that there are some inherent weaknesses. We’re looking forward to your thoughts and collaboration on the known weaknesses.

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We need security/authentication

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