Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

Collaboration and Team-Based Learning

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning with the Tin Can API means that there can be multiple learners experiencing the same activity. They don’t have to be physically together, and they don’t have to experience the activity at the same time (but they can.) What can learners do with collaborative learning?

  • Ask each other questions
  • Leave comments for each other and/or the content/activity creator
  • Comment on other learners’ answers
  • New features like polls, rating, and voting can be implemented
  • Individuals can be evaluated on their contribution to the group

All of these interactions can be tracked as statements sent to an LRS. Collaborative learning like this was just impossible with past e-learning specifications.

scorm tin can team work teamwork collaboration

Team-Based Learning

Team-based learning allows for tracking results of experiences that are had by more than one person, as well as each individual. Statements such as “Team 3 completed special ops training” can be used. This is useful when it’s important to track and report on the team’s performance as well as the individuals inside the team.

What do you think about how the Tin Can API incorporates collaboration and team-based learning into the e-learning world? See the comments below, and add your own thoughts.

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Instructors/others need to
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