Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

Instructors/Others Need To Observe/Interact During Training

E-learning has been a very solitary experience. You take your course or test, then you get evaluated.

The Tin Can API opens up new possibilities by getting out of the way and letting activity developers create new ways of interaction between learners and instructors.

instructors observe interact during learning training

What are the use cases?

  • A teacher can grade essays and leave comments/suggestions during the writing process
  • An instructor can observe a simulation and adjust the scenario on the fly
  • Learners’ behaviors can be observed more closely, allowing for optimization of content
  • Instructors can give near real-time feedback on answers without having to give a grade
  • Teachers can leave comments during courses/tests to clear up confusion that learners might have
  • Chat/video chat between instructors and learners during activities

It should be noted that activities/content need to provide the above capabilities, and then use the Tin Can API to track them in an LRS.

What are your thoughts on the new capabilities that the Tin Can API opens up in the area of observing/interacting during training?

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