Authoring Tools

If you’re looking to add one-click publishing from your authoring tool to an LMS, follow the directions here. If you’re trying to publish directly to SCORM Cloud, we’ve made that easy for you – find out how here. You’ll also want to let your customers that use SCORM Engine know that they can now accept PENS requests from your product. For your customers that don’t use SCORM Engine, send them here so they can learn how to adopt PENS.

Learning Management Systems

The easiest way to add PENS functionality to your LMS if you’re already using SCORM Engine (PENS is baked into  Engine – find out how to accept PENS requests here.) If you’d like to tackle it yourself and add one-click publishing to your LMS, you can learn how here. SCORM Cloud has the ability to publish directly to LMS’s via PENS, so if users of your LMS also use SCORM Cloud, PENS could be helpful.