PENS allows one-click publishing of content from authoring tool to LMS.

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PENS in Our Products

We have introduced PENS support in all of our products and encourage our partners to do the same.

SCORM Engine

SCORM Engine – Engine has included support for PENS since 2010. All LMS’s using the SCORM Engine can accept PENS requests for SCORM, the Experience API (xAPI) and cmi5. Send a quick email here for upgrade information.


SCORM Cloud – PENS is in the cloud! You can publish content from an authoring tool directly into SCORM Cloud (see how). If you’d like to see PENS in action with SCORM Cloud, view this screencast. We’ve also included the ability to publish a course directly from SCORM Cloud to an LMS using Dispatch — read all about that here.


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