This year we made a new commitment to get on the road and participate in some of the more significant industry events. I recently returned from Taipei where I presented at ADL’s Second International Plugfest and also from Denver where we exhibited at ASTD’s TechKnowledge 2006 event. In the next few months you can track us down at:

Elliot Masie’s LMS 2006, April 6-7 in Vegas

HealthStream’s Annual Summit, April 18-21 in Nashville. I’ll be presenting a high level workshop on SCORM entitled “SCORM: What is it? Why do I need it? What can I do with it?”. This workshop will focus on some of the more advanced aspects of HealthStream’s usage of the SCORM Engine as well as the new capabilities that SCORM 2004 enables.

MedBiquitous Annual Conference, April 25-26 in Baltimore. MedBiquitous invited me to participate in a panel discussion with Phil Dodds and Dan Rehak about “Transforming Education and Systems with SCORM”. My topic of focus will be “Updating Legacy Systems to be SCORM Conformant”.

ASTD International Conference and Exposition, May 7-10 in Dallas. Stop by and visit us in the exhibition hall. We won’t have any cheesy freebies for you, nor will be raffling off an iPod. There will be a friendly face and answers to all your SCORM questions.

Mike is the Founder and was President of Rustici Software until 2016. Most recently he was the CEO of Watershed Systems. He helped guide the first draft of the Tin Can API (xAPI) and believes ice cream is the "elixir of life."