LETSI RTWS alleviates many shortcomings of traditional e-learning standards.


Note: The Experience API (xAPI) is now the preferred way to solve the problems that RTWS helped solve. The Experience API is a new approach to e-learning standards, and it does much more than RTWS. Basically, if you’re considering using RTWS, you should really just check out xAPI instead…trust us.

LETSI RTWS (run-time web services) is an enhancement to SCORM that can be implemented right now. Building on the existing standard, it brings three things:

  • New features
  • Fixes for old problems
  • New ways for e-learning companies to do business
rtws no browser cross domain offline mobile security

What started as a proof-of-concept project from LETSI, has become an answer to many problems e-learning vendors face.

We understand the frustration created by limited functionality in the existing standards, so we decided to take an active approach to RTWS.

If you’d like to click through a presentation about the history of RTWS and the new features it brings, you can find it here.