Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

Reporting Complexity

Reporting with the Tin Can API is harder, but it’s worth it.

Reporting complexity is tied to the verb variation problem. As long as verbs stay somewhat standardized, reporting complexity will be less of an issue. If experienced and read mean the same thing to an LRS, then anyone pulling a report to see what learners read chapter 1 will see learners that experienced or read chapter 1.

LRSs will need to have smart reporting features — there’s a lot more detail to sift through with the Tin Can API.

If a learner wanted to know what grade they got on a test, then that’s all that should be reported, even though there are many more statements behind that grade such as “learner completed test” and “instructor graded test”. The extra statements aren’t needed for that particular report, but would be helpful if the instructor wanted a list of learners that he/she had graded tests for.

Systems and software will be developed that will handle the massive amounts of data that will be generated, maybe even in the form of plugins that work with existing LMSs.

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Verb variation LRSs will have to store
and manage more data