Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

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Removal of the need for an Internet browser

scorm project tin can no browser neededThe Tin Can API removes the need for an Internet browser. This opens up a lot of possibilities for how users experience your content, and what your content can be.

Creating native mobile apps, simulators, and serious games that conform to the Tin Can API is easy. Just make sure that your software is set up to send statements to an LRS, and that your system is connected to a network (or at least occasionally connected.)

The Tin Can API solution for removing the need for a browser is simple, but very powerful. See the comments below for how we got where we are today regarding the removal of the need for a browser, and join in the conversation. We want to know what you think.

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  • KL

    Removing the need for a continual connection between the LMS and the content is nice. I wouldn’t mind being tied to a browser if all browsers functioned the same way, but since there is so much variety in the way they handle Javascript calls, this is a nice change. I develop using Flash Professional and my company limits everyone so they cannot install apps on their computers. This means that I either use the browser or I’d have to write a viewing app with Adobe AIR and have IT push it out to the whole company. I imagine I’ll keep using browsers for the next few years at least, but having the option not to is great.

  • Tom Denton

    I have been wait for this for 10 years – brilliant as I now will not need to format learning materias separately for the web and for mobile or standalone applications.

  • Jon Apgar

    Welcome to 1997

  • Jon Apgar

    Welcome to 1997

  • Matteus Barbosa

    Using a browser is a big advantage! It is a fantastic bridge, that break barriers between your device and the software architecture! A browser lets your courses reach any student with a simple access!