Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

Learning That’s Not Initiated In An LMS

The nature of the Tin Can API means that learning doesn’t have to start in an LMS. In fact, the LRS doesn’t even need to have prior knowledge that the activity or actor (learner) are involved. The activity just sends a statement to the LRS once an activity has been completed. The LRS then logs the statement and its data points according to what the activity creator has decided to send over.

This opens up a few new (and very interesting) use cases:

  • A user can use a bookmarklet to report learning that’s taken place (we have a working example of this already, view it in the “full spec” download to the left)
  • Users can initiate their own learning, and have it reported to an LRS
  • Anything on the internet can now be reported to the LRS as being experienced, not just things assigned to a user
  • Instructors can send activities directly to the user instead of going through an LMS

What do you think about the Tin Can API’s solution to initiating content outside of the LMS/LRS? Leave your comments below, and read the comments to see how we got where we are today with this feature.

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