Update: The Output of Project Tin Can is Experience API.

I Want Access to SCORM Runtime Data

tin can scorm access run time dataMost e-learning specs don’t require that runtime data be stored after a piece of content is completed. LETSI RTWS allows for attempt tracking, but this really isn’t anything close to what you can do with the Tin Can API.

The Tin Can API allows for everything to be saved in an LRS, and also allows for easy access to it. This opens up a whole new level of reporting detail. The LRS can query on any actor, verb or object that it wants to, or any combination of them. The amount of detail that can be pulled is only limited by the complexity of the statements that the activity generator chooses to generate. If the statements are more complex, then more data points are created.

There is an opportunity to store a significantly larger amount of data than before. It will be up to the LRS to determine different user levels and what amount of access users have to data.

There are loads of things that can be done with this data that couldn’t be done before. One example would be to pull reports on specific questions or sections, as opposed to just an entire course. Weigh in on what you think about this solution below.

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