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Activity Definition Agreement

How do we make sure that an activity isn’t referred to twice in two different ways? How do we make sure that two different activities aren’t referred to in the same way?

These are questions that have to be asked when we talk about activities as parts of statements.

Ideally, organizations would take control of the naming schemes. Domain names could be used to signify that a statement originated from a source, and statements might have to get more complex in order to make sure that they are as accurate as possible.

URLs and URIs can be used to signify who really owns a resource and where it came from, but then whoever controls the domain used in a URL would have to make sure to take charge of not having duplicate names for different resources.

What are your thoughts on activity definition agreement? Do you have any suggestions? Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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  • Andrew Downes

    The idea of URLs and URIs makes sense, as an activity would presumably need to be hosted somewhere.

  • Antonia

    And what happens if a company distributes course on CD/thumb drive that users run on a company computer? They’ll all have the same URI.

  • Beth Hanning

    Implement a thesaurus based text scan of newly created content.
    – Make this a system configuration option to clients.
    – Require organizations that choose this option to designate a content manager.
    — Automated period scan would generate a report listing possible conflicts to the content manager.
    — The content manager reviews each incident and decides whether to contact the particular content creator, make a change using the correct terminology, or flag the incident for discussion.
    — The content manager would also be responsible for maintaining the thesaurus/keyword database list. Each time new modules are added, a review of the module and the keywords are added to the thesaurus/keyword listing.
    – Additionally, the same automated logic could flag the content creator at the time of submission by making keyword alternate suggestions based on the keyword database list.

  • Ian miller

    This is primarily a Folksonomy/Taxonomy problem. From experience in the Digital Asset Management world, I suspect different system and groups will need to define their own language based on the type of material being presented. I doubt you will achieve a common set that will cover everything.


  • Dcarpenter

    Ownership of the activity or certification are critical for the documentation and credit for certification of training. Some events, such as safety training or activities may carry legal requirements. A system that will allow organizations to carry digital signatures, or some form of validation certificate would be very beneficial.

  • Norm Cousineau

    Include the developer’s name in the namespace, thereby putting the onus on the developer to manage their unique namespaces. (?)