What we’re doing about it

We intend to introduce PENS support in all of our products and encourage our partners to do the same.

SCORM Engine – The latest version of the SCORM Engine, v2010.1 includes support for PENS. All LMS’s using the SCORM Engine with support for SCORM 2004 will now be able to accept PENS requests. Fill out a quick form here for upgrade information.

SCORM Cloud – Very soon, we will be exposing PENS functionality in the SCORM Cloud. You will be able to directly publish content from an authoring tool directly into SCORM Cloud. We will likely add support for publishing a SCORM Dispatch from Cloud into another LMS as well. Let us know here if you want us to put PENS for SCORM Cloud on the fast track.

SCORM Driver – We do not yet support PENS in the SCORM Driver but have included it on our road map. If you are a Driver customer, or just an authoring tool that could benefit from PENS support, let us know. We’d love to partner with you on adding support to your system.