A Learning Record Store (LRS) stores learning records, allows reporting against the records, and allows for exporting of raw learning data. LRSs are a new type of storage system that allow the Experience API (xAPI) to offer a lot of new capabilities, but LRSs don’t replace LMSs. LRSs are more likely to be components of LMSs.

What can an LMS do that an LRS can’t?

  • Track compliance requirements
  • Competency management
  • Talent management
  • Manage users, roles, instructors, facilities
  • Enrollment approval workflow
  • e-Commerce for course enrollments
  • Skill gap analysis
  • Manage prerequisites and equivalencies
  • Chat rooms
  • Forums where learners can collaborate
  • Dropbox section where admins can leave files for learners (PDF, Word doc, syllabus, etc.)
  • Email integration (beyond invites)
  • Announcements from admins to learners
  • The ability for learners to check their grades
  • Calendar integration
  • Proprietary social networks inside the LMS
  • Class roster available to learners
  • Integrated wiki
  • Video conferencing
  • RSS notification integration
  • Podcasting
  • Google maps integration (see where other learners are)
  • News feed / updates
  • Extensive personal profiles for learners
  • Roster (view course takers profiles/photos)
  • Site analytics (aside from course metrics tied to users)
  • … and many more things

How can I get an LRS?

Our products already support the Experience API. SCORM Cloud now contains a free, hosted LRS that accepts xAPI statements. Rustici LRS is an integratable, ADL-conformant learning record store designed to receive, store and return xAPI statements.