New Content Tools from Rustici Software Unlock the Power of YouTube and More

When we released SCORM Cloud in 2010, we focused on building a flexible player that launches SCORM content from just about anywhere. Now, we have added the other piece to the puzzle by incorporating new functionality within SCORM Cloud that gives you the ability to easily create or convert content into SCORM courseware. Free to use in SCORM Cloud, ScoTube and Quizzage let you quickly publish SCORM courses. There is also a version of SCORM Driver now available to download, and free for noncommercial use, that lets you convert existing content into a SCORM conformant package.

The first of its kind, ScoTube marries the power of SCORM with the wealth of content available through YouTube. Users select the video they want to share with learners from YouTube and ScoTube creates a SCORM course using that resource.  

For those that don’t want to use YouTube, ScoTube also lets you upload your own video files to  convert into SCORM courses and supports the following video file types- FLV, MOV, MP4, M4V, F4V, Flash video. 

Quizzage lets you build simple quizzes and surveys, right in SCORM Cloud. Users can select from five questions types and customize the appearance and settings for their quizzes that include learner feedback and scoring options.

Now available to download, SCORM Driver makes it easy for anyone to produce SCORM or AICC conformant courses. The download version, which uses the same code that powers many of your favorite authoring tools today, includes a user guide that walks through the steps to easily wrap content to play in any SCORM or AICC conformant system. Use of the SCORM Driver software is free for noncommercial use only.   

With these additional capabilities, SCORM Cloud becomes more than just a training delivery system, giving users the ability to create or convert content into SCORM conformant courseware. Courses can be shared with individual users, delivered to another LMS, or accessed directly from SCORM Cloud. Content created with ScoTube or Quizzage can also be exported for use outside of SCORM Cloud.

“We are excited to share these new resources with the eLearning community. Our goal is to make SCORM more accessible by creating easy to use tools with the highest quality SCORM conformance. With this release, we want to encourage people to try them out and realize the full value of the standard. ScoTube is particularly exciting as it give users a more meaningful way to use YouTube as a trackable learning resource.”- Mike Rustici

About Rustici Software

Rustici Software creates products that simplify conforming with learning standards. Companies around the world from LMS providers to content publishers use Rustici’s products to solve the challenge of conforming to SCORM and AICC specifications.

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