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Authoring SCORM Content with Click2learn ToolBook™

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ToolBook Showcase Overview

ToolBook Instructor 8.6 has the built-in capability to generate a SCORM 1.2 conformant package. The generation of the package, manifest and metadata is fully automated.

How to do it


Generate the SCORM Package

Use the ToolBook II Web Specialist in the File menu to export your ToolBook application as a Web application. When you open the Web Specialist to prepare an application for export as Web pages, you will see a checkbox for the SCORM option. If you check this checkbox, the application will be exported as a complete, ready to run SCORM package.

Technical details

The package is a SCORM Aggregation Package that contains an Organization element with a single Item that references a single single Shareable Content Object (SCO). This package can be launched in any SCORM compliant Learning Management System.

If you need to aggregate several of these SCORM conformant packages created by ToolBook into a more complex SCORM package which you can structure any way you want, you may want to check out the SCORM Aggregator in the Click2learn SCORM 1.2 Resource kit. The SCORM aggregator also lets you aggregate the SCORM packages created with ToolBook with other kinds of conforming SCORM packages created by other tools.

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