Statement Forwarding provides the means to automatically forward statements sent from one LRS to another. Applications include:


Properties relevant to Statement Forwarding:


For security, generate unique credentials for source and target Learning Record Stores

In order to configure statement forwarding in, call ScormEngineManager::AddTinCanForwardingPath(ExternalConfiguration, StatementForwardingPair) to add paths for forwarding between a source and destination LRS. StatementForwardingPair is a construct containing the following members

Member Type Description
SourceUrl string Contains the endpoint url/query for the source LRS.
SourceCredentials Credentials Contains the credentials for accessing the source LRS
DestinationUrl string Contains the endpoint url for the destination LRS.
DestinationCredentials Credentials Credentials for the destination LRS.
Id string Unique ID for this statement forwarding pair.

The call will return the unique ID for the statement forwarding. Save this ID for future management of this statement forwarding pair and passing to ScormEngineManager::UpdateTinCanForwardingPath() and ScormEngineManager::DeleteTinCanForwardingPath().