SCORM Cloud & WordPress: Integration in Action

With a traditional LMS, there is always a matter of compromise- diminishing the enthusiasm to use it.

–Client Director of Training and Education

What would happen if you built a training strategy driven by the needs of your users rather than the parameters of a traditional learning management system (LMS)?

A world leader in the medical device industry did just that when they overhauled their product training platform. An initial assessment uncovered:

  • Each business unit had developed their own solution, introducing an array of systems to support and many duplicated efforts
  • Frustration with system limitations led the groups to keep introducing new tools, resulting in a patchwork of technologies
  • A lack of data integration within the company’s existing systems and limited ability to track results

In search of a unified solution, they reached out to the team at Aura Software. Conversations with training managers across the groups identified a few additional requirements:

  • Customizable training portals to support brand identity and content segmentation across each group
  • Simplify the content publishing process
  • Administration support for a variety of activities including on-site trainings, virtual events, static content, and SCORM content
  • Encourage collaboration among users and foster learner engagement
The Solution: Think outside the LMS

To create a comprehensive solution without compromise, the team at Aura realized that they would need to go beyond a traditional LMS. The standard LMS model did not offer the flexibility needed to meet the requirements of each product group. And more importantly, it could limit future development and adoption of new technologies.

How they did it. WordPress + SCORM Cloud

Aura Software met the challenge by developing a learning platform designed for the user rather than around the system. Aura selected WordPress as the foundation to leverage the CMS’s rich plug-in architecture and virtually limitless flexibility.

To address the SCORM component, Aura utilizes the SCORM Cloud plug-in for WordPress. This allows the training managers to deliver and track SCORM content, while maintaining a flexibility and portability they had not seen with traditional LMS models. This combination allows Aura to address the immediate needs of the training managers and allow for future development. Click here for an in depth view of the SCORM Cloud integration.

The result?

The client has a unified, modern, and flexible learning platform designed to meet the various needs of different product groups, with room to grow.

With our new training approach, not only are we leading the industry in the products that we develop. That innovation carries through to how we train on and support our products as well. “

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