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Installing SCORM Cloud in WordPress

Installation is just as easy as can be since SCORM Cloud has been added to the WordPress plugin directory. Just go to “Add New” under the Plugins section of your WordPress install, search for SCORM and there it should be. Click “Install” off to the right and there you go. Alternatively, you can download the latest plugin files from the WordPress repository, then install it via the upload feature in WordPress.

The plugin works with WordPress 2.9 and 3.0+, as well as WPMU and BuddyPress. The big thing you’re going to need is admin control of your site. So if you’re on EduBlogs or a blog provided by your school or have a free blog, you need to start asking them to offer it before you’ll be able to try it out on your blog.


Once you get the plug-in installed, you’ll need to configure it on the settings page with your SCORM Cloud account information so WordPress and SCORM Cloud can talk to each other. You’ll find that in the Apps section of SCORM Cloud. You need both the AppID and the secret key. Copy and paste them over, submit changes and you’re golden.

(Need more help? Check out the video tutorials.)

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