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SCORM Cloud + WordPress

We built SCORM Cloud to go places and now one of those places is WordPress. Whether you use WordPress to run a class blog or to power your company’s website, now you can launch training right from the site. Step away from the LMS and take learning out to where your learners are.

What it does

It’s easy to put information on a website. It’s another thing to know whether anyone is learning that information. SCORM Cloud fills that gap, allowing you to offer trackable training right on your WordPress-powered site.

Install the SCORM Cloud plug-in, and within minutes, you’ll be ready to offer a course right on your site. It works with any site powered by WordPress versions 2.9 and 3.0+, BuddyPress or WPMU. Upload a SCORM course right in the dashboard, then add it to a post or page. Your learners click the link, launch the course and you get a record of just what they did in the course.

You can create a blog post with information for students to read, then put a trackable quiz right in the post for them to take. SCORM Cloud collects the results of the quiz and posts them into the SCORM Cloud reporting tool for you. You can track each individual learner.

The plug-in allows you to place the link for the course wherever you want – in a post, on a page, in a widget. Assign courses to specific users or let anyone who drops by your site in.

But that’s just the start of what SCORM Cloud can do. …

What is this SCORM Cloud thing?

SCORM Cloud is our hosted SCORM player – so instead of using SCORM player back in an LMS to launch a course, you can use ours right on your website. It will play your course, track the data and provide unparalleled reports right from your WordPress dashboard.

In fact, you can do everything you need on your WordPress site from within the plugin. But SCORM Cloud does have a lot more to offer than just what you see there.

The last thing you need to know about SCORM Cloud is that it isn’t free. The plugin is. And there’s a free trial account to use to test the whole shebang out. But beyond that, there are very reasonable costs involved for tapping the power of SCORM Cloud. There are different account levels, and one is certain to fit your needs.

Get started!

Ready to go? You’ll need to get it installed, then configure it with your SCORM Cloud account information. Pretty simple. Add in your SCORM courses and you’ll be good to go. (Need a way to create a SCORM course? We’ve got a list of free and commercial authoring tools to get you started.)