SCORM Engine with the Tin Can API

The SCORM Engine now includes support for the next generation of SCORM…the Tin Can API.

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New updates to SCORM Engine, 2014.1

The latest release of SCORM Engine, 2014.1, includes a new modern and responsive content player, support for Tin Can Recipes, and support for Tin Can API Version 1.0.1. The latest version of SCORM Engine also provides backward compatibility for Tin Can .90 and Tin Can .95.

Let us know when you’re ready to upgrade your installation of SCORM Engine. We’ve made it easy to extend your existing SCORM Engine installation to support basic Tin Can capabilities and can work with you to explore some more advanced applications.

What does SCORM Engine with Tin Can API let you do?

A few of the new features:

  • Your very own Learning Record Store (LRS). SCORM Engine includes a locally installed, Tin Can API compliant Learning Record Store capable of receiving Tin Can statements from LMS launched courses and from learning activities that live outside of the LMS. The LRS can also send learning records to your LMS, reporting tools, and other LRSs. You can also play your SCORM content and record your SCORM data as Tin Can data.
  • Built in Tin Can Recipes for Videos, Results Summary and CMI Interactions.
  • Customizable, responsive modern SCORM player option.
  • Traditional LMS workflow can remain the same with Tin Can courses. Import and launch Tin Can courses the same way you import and launch SCORM & AICC courses.
  • Convert old & new SCORM and AICC registrations to Tin Can statements. We realize you have a massive pile of SCORM and AICC registrations residing in your LMS. You can generate Tin Can statements from SCORM and AICC registrations automatically. This will allow you to include old and new SCORM and AICC data into your future Tin Can reporting.
  • Tin Can statement viewer. The statement viewer provides visibility into the stream of Tin Can statements being received by your Learning Record Store.
  • Tin Can Authentication Manager. The Authentication Manager is like your security center. It gives you an interface to manage the security settings between your LRS and your Tin Can activity providers, giving them ability to securely write statements to your Learning Record Store.
  • Tin Can / SCORM Parity Reports: Engine now has a new reporting feature set that provides easy access to pull data from the LRS to answer such questions as “What activities have my users been completing?”, “How has Joe been performing on his activities?”, “How much time has a user spent in our basic training course?”
  • Statement Forwarding: You can now forward your statements, or allow your learners to forward their statements, to any other LRS.
  • TinCan 1.0.1 compatibility – Note that this release of the Tin Can API (xAPI) Specification is only a patch release. In accordance with semantic versioning, which Tin Can API (xAPI) follows, there are no functional changes within this version.
  • See the Engine 2014.1 documentation here for all of the features and enhancements.

Oh, and mobile/offline capabilities are also available…

Along with Tin Can 1.0.1 support, the latest version of SCORM Engine (2014.1) also has an offline/mobile API to enable you to connect your SCORM Engine to our offline/mobile SDK or Apps for iOS and Android.

There still a bit of work to do before you’re ready to hit the ground for offline SCORM support, including an additional license, but the 2014.1 version of SCORM Engine is the place to start.

So again, let us know when you’re ready to upgrade. We’re accepting upgrades on a first come, first served basis.

You can learn a lot more about the Tin Can API at


Some places SCORM Engine is being used:

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