SCORM Engine Package Properties

SCORM Engine

SCORM Engine Package Properties

The SCORM Engine defines “package properties” that allow courseware administrators to precisely control how content is delivered to the user. These properties control the appearance of the SCORM Engine as well as its behavior. Package properties are a key enabler to achieving broad based compatibility as they allow the SCORM Engine to bend to accommodate varying interpretations of the standard on a course-by-course basis. Each course can be tuned to optimize its delivery and customize its behavior.

SCORM Engine Metadata Extensions

One of the great parts of the SCORM specification is that its extensibility allows vendors to add additional functionality without breaking the standard or requiring other vendors to use a proprietary technology. Rustici Software has extended the SCORM metadata specification to allow content vendors added control over how the SCORM Engine will deliver their content. These extensions allow content vendors to control all of the SCORM Engine’s package properties.

The SCORM Engine extensions are specified within the top-level metadata section of the manifest which affects the manifest as a whole. The extension elements are placed in the technical element of standard SCORM metadata in a container element called “HSTMConfiguration”. When including these extensions, pay special attention to the namespace declarations at the top of the sample metadata file and the “hstm” prefix on the HSTMConfiguration element. These declarations are necessary to preserve SCORM compatibility.