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Technical Documentation

We write about the SCORM Engine a lot in blog posts, emails, on the website. The technical aspects of the SCORM Engine are a big piece of what sets it apart. Rather than scale back the amount of information we make available here on the website, we’re going to err on the side of giving you more information than you need, more than you might care to process. Recent blog posts may even contradict prior ones, but that’s OK. We want you to see the evolution, the level of information that’s available. We want you to see the technical depth of the SCORM Engine.

SCORM Engine 2016.1 Notable New Features


We’ve spent much of the last year working with the community to finalize the cmi5 specification. SCORM Engine now fully supports cmi5 published learning content. cmi5 provides a more predictable framework for xAPI content launched from within LMSs. As xAPI continues to gain popularity, this level of predictability is something many of our customers have asked about. You can read more about the cmi5 specification and how to use it here.

Expanded xAPI Integration Functionality

SCORM Engine used to require deep integration with an LMS. Now, we provide a REST API which makes it much easier for developers to integrate Engine with your LMS.

We’ve spent time focusing on how we can better serve customers using the REST API. A lot of those improvements will behind the scenes. That said, we’ve paid special attention to how our customers use xAPI, and we’ve added new REST resources to allow you to interact with your LRS configuration in new ways. You can find more info on those new APIs in our API documentation.

New Default Player UI

The SCORM player has a new user interface! The new user interface is responsive, so it works better on all devices and screen sizes. Upgrading customers will still have the option to keep the legacy look and feel of the old SCORM player, but we encourage existing customers to start thinking about how this new and responsive user interface could fit into their application.

High Level Documentation (v2016.1)
Prior Versions of SCORM Engine

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