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Technical Documentation

The technical aspects of the SCORM Engine are a big piece of what sets it apart. Rather than scale back the amount of information we make available here on the website, we’re going to err on the side of giving you more information than you need, more than you might care to process. We want you to see the evolution, the level of information that’s available. We want you to see the technical depth of the SCORM Engine.

SCORM Engine 2017.1 Notable New Features

Integrated Support For Amazon’s S3 Storage & Cloudfront CDN
Engine now provides built-in support for the Amazon AWS environment, which allows you to securely store your courses in Amazon’s S3 data store. Using Amazon Cloudfront, you can make courses available to users more quickly. Learn more about distributing eLearning via CDN.

Remote Content Hosting and Launching
We’ve done a bunch of work to better support customers who need to host their content in a remote location (non-Amazon content store, a CDN solution, etc.). If you think this is a feature you’d benefit from, reach out to us, we’d love to talk through your use case with you.

Improved, Responsive Player UI
We’ve continued to enhance the design and layout of the new SCORM Engine Player UI, which we released in Engine 2016.1. Now, Engine’s player is fully responsive and very mobile-friendly. See the difference in Engine player’s functionality on Zendesk.

xAPI Conformance
ADL officially released the xAPI Conformance Test Suite and (Good news!) Engine is xAPI conformant. Using Engine as your LRS will help your product pass the xAPI Conformance Test Suite and enable you to be on ADL’s list of Conformant LRSs.

Accessibility Improvements to Support Customers Pursuing 508 Compliance
Our latest improvements help ensure our application provides the accessibility features needed by those pursuing 508 compliance. In particular, we have made significant changes to the Engine player UI to more easily cooperate with screen readers.

Expanded PENS Support
We added expanded Package Exchange Notification System (PENS) support to Engine to account for updates made to new and emerging standards like the Experience API and cmi5. Now, Engine supports content types in pens of “cmi5,” “xapi” and “tcapi.”

High Level Documentation (v2017.1)
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