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The SCORM Engine is an exceptional SCORM delivery platform. But what does that really mean?

SCORM Engine

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Compatibility, compatibility, and compatibility

If your home phone failed to have a dial tone 1 out of every 10 times you picked it up, would that be frustrating? Undoubtedly. SCORM-based LMSs fail to deliver content effectively with startling regularity. We’re not perfect, but we’re dramatically better.

A content delivery platform that fails to deliver consistently, chokes on content, or fails to communicate with that content becomes a failure to its users. They no longer look to it as a potential solution to their training needs. There is nothing more frustrating than a system that fails in its fundamental mission. For an LMS or anything similar, failure to deliver content consistently is a fatal flaw.

“Is the SCORM Engine all that it claims?”

Any provider of a SCORM delivery platform could claim to have high levels of compatibility. From our perspective, there is one fundamental way to tell who does SCORM well, and who does not.

Anyone with great SCORM support will make it exceptionally easy for you to upload your own content and try it. When you offer SCORM support in your LMS, you don’t want to hold your users’ hands every time they look to upload content, so your SCORM provider should make it easy for you to do the same.

So, get out your content and head over to Test Track, our freely available content testing tool. You’ll be able to register yourself and upload content in less than one minute. If your content doesn’t work right away, send it to us. If there is a problem in the content we’ll help you understand it. If there’s a way we can handle the problem better in Test Track, we will likely have a fix in the next release.

“What makes the SCORM Engine different, then?”

First, flexibility and focus. We are a company that solves a singular technical problem with great focus. We solve problems related to SCORM all the time, leading to a depth of understanding that few others possess.

Because SCORM and AICC aren’t hassles for us (they are our business), we don’t strive for the minimum capabilities. We embrace SCORM’s concepts and its limitations, and we excel at doing so.

  • We avoid plug-ins and applets like the plague. Many LMS’s use these tools for their SCORM communication. It is, quite simply, a mistake. By dynamically generating JavaScript and pushing it to the browser, we’re able to forgo Java applets, Active X controls, and all plug-in options. Native JavaScript means that we function well in all the modern browsers.
  • Parser warnings and import feedback allow us to handle content that departs from the standard.
  • Package Properties give each piece of content its optimal environment.
  • Debugging tools let content authors and Rustici Software understand why something works, or why it doesn’t.
  • Test Track gives us an invaluable tool in understanding common problems in SCORM content.
  • Our JavaScript architecture allows us to avoid the pitfalls of plug-ins and provide the best real-time user experience.

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