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SCORM and AICC, in all their flavors, are technically difficult problems. Since content delivery is such a fundamental part of any LMS, you want to be absolutely certain that your LMS solves this problem elegantly. The technical merits of your ultimate solution, whether you build it or buy it, should be beyond reproach.

The SCORM Engine is the single best technical solution

In looking at literally hundreds of LMSs since 1999 on behalf of content vendors and as consultants with deep access to LMSs, we have concluded that two fundamental elements determine the quality of a SCORM implementation.


Above all else, compatibility is fundamental for a content delivery system. SCORM provides exceptional compatibility, but it is not perfect and needs to be implemented correctly. Countless vendors create content that varies wildly in its interpretation of the standard. Matching the letter of the SCORM standard isn’t nearly enough. You have to go beyond the letter of the standard and embrace both the intent of the standard and the industry’s interpretations of the standard. We’ve solved this problem in a number of ways:

  • The “software cooperative” means that this codebase has been tested in more environments and against more content than any other content delivery mechanism. The testing tool in SCORM Cloud alone generates hundreds of test cases.
  • Constant evolution and improvement – whenever we find an incompatibility or discover a new interpretation, we build a workaround into our products so all of our clients will have constantly more compatible products.
  • The Experience API (xAPI) support. xAPI is the next generation of SCORM. Years in the making, the it’s now been released to the world. SCORM Engine already supports the Experience API, which means SCORM Engine users really are future proofed.
  • Multiple integration options: Engine can be added to your existing application in a number of ways, including a simple REST API, by overriding our Integration Interface, or using the same set of Web Services that are available in SCORM Cloud (but hosted on your own service.) We’ll help you figure out which of these options (or combination of options) is right for you.
  • Transparent debugging options let developers and content authors alike understand why things behave the way they do.
  • The SCORM Engine doesn’t choke on slight variances from the standard, it embraces them. Bend, but don’t break.
  • No plug-ins, Active X controls, or applets means very few environmental support issues. Our JavaScript architecture allows us to avoid these common problems.
  • One-click publishing of content from authoring tools to your LMS with PENS support.

Do not be fooled, SCORM is not a problem you solve by yourself one time. Creating a standards based LMS requires an ongoing commitment to chasing the evolution of the standard and interpretations thereof in addition to accommodating those who don’t understand the standard.  If you do this yourself, outsource it, or integrate some other option, you will spend a great deal of time supporting your product’s evolution going forward.

  • Tightly integrated, loosely coupled. It’s important that the SCORM Engine appear to be a core part of your application. We understand that, and we’ve created our integration options in a fashion that allows you to do that. More importantly, though, we’re able to maintain a loose coupling between your application and ours. This means that we’re able to deliver each new version of the SCORM Engine to you for integration with minimal effort. Your ability to keep up with the evolution of the standard with less than a day’s work every time we release is powerful.
  • We work with SCORM and AICC constantly, and it gives us both a deep understanding of the issue and gravitas in conversations on the subject. Our clients gain the benefit of this experience and influence.
  • We actively contribute to the evolution of the standard, which means that you don’t have to.  Our understanding of your product and contributions to the standard help it to evolve in a way that is useful to you.
  • The SCORM Engine is a complete, carefully designed, object oriented application, built in a way that allows us to support it quickly. This is a big part of why we were the first to be certified against SCORM 2004 3rd Edition.

If you want more detailed information on the SCORM Engine, ranging from documentation to blog posts, visit our technical documentation.


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