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“Why is support so important with the SCORM Engine?”

As we’ve mentioned many times on this site, SCORM is hard. While we have a deep understanding of the standards, that doesn’t mean that content providers do. Even if your implementation of SCORM was perfect, you would still find yourself dealing with content that just doesn’t work right away.

Our intent is for you to depend on us to solve the SCORM problem for you broadly. We want to help you and your content providers understand the problems and address them in the most effective manner available. Because we see so much content and are aware of the common problems, we’re able to address these problems much more quickly than you would (and with much less effort).

“How do you support SCORM effectively?”

Rustici Software has been working exclusively with learning standards since 2003. We play a large role in the evolution and vetting of the standards themselves. We know this stuff.

In both systems and people, we have been institutionalizing this knowledge. We’re able to search our collective memory bank to “feel” what problems are… it allows us to go looking in just the right places.


We differ from other LMS and SCORM providers in that we live this stuff all the time.  We are entirely committed to SCORM and its success in your LMS.  This means that we have full time staff devoted to supporting our clients.  In both implementations and ongoing support, we are available to you to solve problems.


Tools play a huge role in our ability to support SCORM effectively. The debug tools available in the SCORM Engine and the openness of SCORM Test Track combine to allow us to understand exactly what’s going on with a course. This is invaluable.

As our collective knowledge of SCORM has grown, we’ve started to codify more and more of this information publicly. Our support portal and SCORM Explained pages allow our customers and other content providers to find solutions to problems on their own.


Some places SCORM Engine is being used:

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