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Play SCORM content from a mobile app (even offline), and track it in your LMS. Mobile learning and offline learning are difficult with SCORM, but with SCORM Engine and our offline SDKs, it’s possible.

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Deliver and track SCORM content (even offline) using a mobile app.

We’ve figured out how to play SCORM content in a mobile app, even when it’s disconnected from a network, and track results from the app in an LMS.

Our offline player extensions for mobile/offline SCORM work in conjunction with your App, LMS and SCORM Engine to bring learning to your users, no matter where they are. It even lets your learners start on one device, and pick up where they left off on another device.

We have offline extensions for iOS and Android. We even have sample app code to help you get started.

The offline extensions aren’t apps, and they have no user interface. They’re software development kits that allow your app to download SCORM content from your LMS, play it, and report results of the learning back to your LMS.

How does it work?

Use the mobile offline player extensions to hook your app directly into SCORM Engine, then track learning from your app with your LMS. All that’s required of your learners is an initial network connection to download courses via your app, and a network connection at some point after the courses have been taken (to sync results to the LMS.)

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If you’re a developer that’s looking for the “nitty gritty”, go here.

How do I get started with mobile/offline SCORM?

Our offline player extensions work with SCORM Engine, so if your LMS is using Engine, you can add on the player and mobile/offline capabilities to your existing integration. If you’re not already using SCORM Engine, don’t worry — we can get you set up.

Contact us to get a personalized demo to see the mobile/offline player in action.

Need an mobile app?

Check out our “Building a Mobile App” page for info on building a SCORM and/or the Experience API (xAPI) app.


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