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SCORM Engine

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“Using Rustici Software’s SCORM Engine helped us save on high development costs and efficiently cater to our customers’ needs.”

— Doron Neuman,
CTO, GamEffective

The Summary

GamEffective, an eLearning gamification and feedback platform, implemented Rustici Software’s SCORM Engine in less than one month in 2017 in order to expand their platform to support eLearning standards including SCORM, xAPI and AICC. The implementation allows GamEffective’s clients to use one eLearning platform for all of their training, ensuring them a more competitive product. GamEffective selected SCORM Engine because of its quick time to market: GamEffective was able to support SCORM, xAPI and AICC content after just three weeks of implementation time, as compared to the years of developer time estimated to implement those eLearning standards.

The Challenge

GamEffective was named a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor in Human Capital management for their support of improving employee performance and learning using digital motivation, gamification and real time feedback. However, the company had clients that wanted to implement GamEffective’s platform but had already spent time and money on creating SCORM content that the GamEffective platform could not support. GamEffective wanted to empower their clients to play a variety of eLearning content within their system and desired a solution that solved three core challenges: they needed something that could be implemented quickly, didn’t require clients to have to re-engineer existing content and enabled clients to create and play new SCORM content in GamEffective’s system. Using SCORM Engine, GamEffective solved each challenge.

The Benefits

Quick Implementation
When it came to implementing a solution that was compliant with eLearning specifications, GamEffective assessed a few options. They could build and develop a protocol on their own, use open source or find a partner. They made the decision to partner with Rustici Software when it became clear that this would solve their quick implementation challenge and provide ongoing standards support. In just three weeks, GamEffective had completed the integration process with SCORM Engine.

Seamless Interoperability
Before GamEffective offered support for the eLearning standards, clients who wanted to use SCORM content would have had to re-engineer their content to fit within GamEffective’s system. Now, clients can easily add and play any SCORM content in their system.

New Opportunities
GamEffective was also drawn to SCORM Engine because it enables their clients who do not have proprietary content to buy off the shelf SCORM content and quickly implement it in GamEffective’s system.

Ensured Privacy
Since completing their implementation, GamEffective has had peace of mind when it comes to privacy. SCORM Engine is embedded with their software and hosted within their own data center.

The Results

Working with Rustici Software, GamEffective was able to add support for SCORM, xAPI and AICC support to their product in just three weeks. This saved the company a significant amount of developer time and resources, helping them expand their product reach and get to market faster. GamEffective finds SCORM Engine easy to use with a simple licensing model and has enjoyed working with Rustici Software, who they find responsive and professional.

Doron Neuman, CTO at GamEffective concurred, “Using Rustici Software’s SCORM Engine helped us save on high development costs and efficiently cater to our customers’ needs.”


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