SCORM Engine

Making an LMS conform to SCORM and AICC is difficult and tedious. Doing it with the SCORM Engine is anything but.

SCORM Engine

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The SCORM Engine is easily integrated into your current LMS with almost no changes to your system using our innovative integration options.

You can offload the entire SCORM problem, now and into the future.

Millions of people reap the benefits of SCORM each year because the SCORM Engine has eliminated the difficulties of implementing SCORM and keeping up with its evolution. This includes support for the next generation of SCORM, the Experience API (xAPI) (yup…SCORM Engine already has baked-in xAPI support that allows for you to have your own installed Learning Record Store, as well as use your SCORM content with an Experience API system.)

Solving the SCORM problem yourself might sound appealing today. Months and years from now, you may wish you hadn’t.

Make everybody happy

LMSs that use the SCORM Engine have

  • Administrators who are happy to upload their own content
  • Developers who actually work on other things
  • Management that never has to hear complaints about SCORM again
Use the best technology on the market
  • Compatibility is the most important factor in SCORM delivery. The SCORM Engine is more compatible than any other SCORM delivery mechanism.
  • “Tightly Integrated” means that our product becomes a part of yours. “Loosely Coupled” means that we keep up with SCORM for you forever, and you never have to reintegrate.
  • Our sophisticated JavaScript architecture provides a superior user experience, eliminates the need for ActiveX controls or Java applets, and provides exceptional scalability.
  • Support for xAPI, including your very own Learning Record Store
  • A customizable, responsive modern SCORM player
  • Import and launch xAPI courses the same way you do SCORM and AICC
  • Convert old and new SCORM and AICC registrations to xAPI statements
  • Statement forwarding

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