SCORM Engine

Making an LMS conform to SCORM and AICC is difficult and tedious. Doing it with the SCORM Engine is anything but.

SCORM Engine



“What exactly does the SCORM Engine do?”

The SCORM Engine greatly simplifies the process of upgrading a regular LMS to be a supercharged SCORM conformant LMS. Widely recognized by people in the industry as the most compatible SCORM player, the SCORM Engine is easily integrated into your current LMS with almost no changes to your system. It gets an “A” for playing well with others.

We talk to two different groups of people about the SCORM Engine, those who know how difficult this problem is and those who have no desire to know.

Business people love the SCORM Engine because
  • You can offload the entire SCORM problem, now and into the future. Solving this problem yourself might sound appealing today. Months and years from now, you’ll wish you hadn’t.
  • You want an accepted solution, and the SCORM Engine is that. With more than 90 implementations and complete industry acceptance, the SCORM Engine is risk free.
  • We’re fast. Nearly all of our clients have a complete implementation in less than a month.
Technical people love the SCORM Engine because
  • Compatibility is far and away the most important factor in SCORM delivery, and the SCORM Engine is more compatible than any other SCORM delivery mechanism.
  • “Tightly Integrated” means that our products becomes a part of yours. “Loosely Coupled” means that we keep up with SCORM for you forever, and you never have to reintegrate.
  • Our sophisticated JavaScript architecture eliminates the need for ActiveX controls and Java applets and empowers tools like our debugging abilities and SCORM Untethered.
  • Participating in a “software cooperative” allows you to benefit from the solutions discovered on behalf of 90+ Engine customers.
  • Not only do we understand the standards evolution process, we lead it.

If you live for the technical details, and you want the best, and you want to know exactly why it’s the best, then you would love the SCORM Engine.