SCORM Driver Quickstart Guide

This guide will show you how to get started using SCORM Driver, free for non-commercial use. It kind of applies to paying users, as well.

SCORM Driver

Start converting your content
with SCORM Driver.

3. Insert Content

This process is the same for AICC and all versions of SCORM. You should already have your course created — your HTML, your movies, images, whatever you have. Take all of the files that comprise your course, and drop them in the “scormcontent” folder inside the SCORM Driver file system. Note what the file name is for the first page of your course- you’ll need it for the next step.

NOTE: you shouldn’t drop just one folder that contains your files into the “scormcontent” folder, you should drop your actual HTML and content files into the “scormcontent” folder.

Ack! I don’t have any content to test with!

We have a sample course that has zero SCORM/AICC conformance, and you can download it here.

scorm driver free import content to convert

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