SCORM Support

The standards evolve, and so do their interpretations. We keep up with for you, so that you can create compelling content.

SCORM Driver

“Third-Tier Support… What in the world is that?”

Well, Wikipedia defines it like this (today that is)…

Call center staff are often organized into a multi-tier support system for a more efficient handling of calls. The first tier in such a model consists of operators, who direct inquiries to the appropriate department and provide general directory information. If a caller requires more assistance, the call is forwarded to the second tier, where most issues can be resolved. In some cases, there may be three or more tiers of support staff. If a caller requires more assistance, the caller is forwarded to the third tier of support; typically the third tier of support is formed by product engineers/developers or highly skilled technical support staff of the product.

This is all to say, while we don’t expect to take calls directly from your customers, if things aren’t going well for you, we would love to help you and your customer get through the problem to the best of our abilities. While we aren’t going to be able to fix a core problem with an LMS that simply isn’t conformant, we’re certainly going to help you and your customer understand the nature and the source of that problem. And when we can, we’ll provide a workaround or a solution to avoid that problem as well.

“Code updates? Why would I need them?”

The truth of the matter is that the standards are evolving, both in their definition and their interpretation. SCORM itself has evolved constantly since its initial release in January of 2000. New standards are regularly being added, and the next-generation SCORM standard is in the works right now.

We are constantly keeping up with this evolution and the introduction of new and different LMS’s, many of which require particular care in integration. By maintaining your relationship with us, you have our expertise on call and access to our evolving codebase. This combination allows you to achieve a crucial goal… you have eliminated your need to understand these detailed standards.

Stick with us… it’s worth it.

We ask you to stick with us, in fact, we generally require it. Our ability to keep up with the standards (and sit on the bodies that evolve them) means that we have a constant burden. We think of ourselves as the farmer in a cooperative. Your commitment to us allows us to provide these services to you… in departing, you unduly burden the others who support the cooperative. Should you elect to leave the “cooperative”, returning to it may require “catch-up” payments or re-licensing of the product.