SCORM Driver Debug Logs

Debug logs such as these, provided as part of the SCORM Driver, can lead to real gains in terms of compatibility with various LMSs.

SCORM Driver

How to access the debug logs

Most pieces of SCORM content created with the SCORM Driver have the debug logs accessible in some form or fashion. In some cases, like Articulate, these debug logs are hidden behind a non-standard key sequence. In most SCORM Driver implementations, however, it works like this…

The first step is to locate one of the hidden frames that are part of the SCORM Driver. In many cases, these frames are accessible.  If they are not, inquire with the content vendor about ways to expose them.


If the frames are accessible, drag one of them up with your mouse. Once you’ve exposed a bit of the frame (which will likely be white), click anywhere in that frame. You really aren’t trying to click on anything in particular. In fact, you’re trying to avoid anything you see, thereby setting the focus of the browser on that frame in general.


Once the proper frame has been selected, simply hold down the shift key and push the question mark button on your keyboard five times in succession. This will initiate the debugger. (Note, it does so in a pop up window. If you have pop ups disabled, you’ll need to address that.) Assuming all has gone well, you’ll see a window that looks like this one:


Assuming you’ve succeeded to this point, deciphering the debug logs is the next step…

Understanding the debug logs…

If you’re a SCORM Driver customer, and you have a maintenance agreement, feel free to ask us for help at this point. If you aren’t, get out your reading glasses. These logs contain piles of information, ranging from control info internal to the SCORM Driver to logs of every bit of communication with the LMS.