SCORM Driver

Web developers don’t have time to learn all the complexities of SCORM, so our SCORM Driver is all about making any learning content compliant.

SCORM Driver

  • Automatically adjusts to each learning standard
  • Excellent compatibility… it works everywhere
  • You can convert content yourself, or have us do it for you
  • Add SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC support to your authoring tool


Start converting your content
with SCORM Driver.

Anything keeping me from having to think about compliance all the time is good.

“How does it work?”

Think of a SCORM-compliant LMS as a nice restaurant with a dress code—coat and tie only. Our SCORM Driver dresses your content up to meet the high standards of both SCORM and AICC. As a developer of an authoring tool or content author, you can still create learning materials with the subject matter you need, using the technologies you prefer. The Driver quickly outfits that content in the latest SCORM 2004 fashions or any past fashion such as SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2, or AICC. It can even be extended to support proprietary standards.

You don’t have to know anything about SCORM or AICC to use the SCORM Driver. We can do the work for you, or you can go through the process yourself. Regardless, the resulting code is easy to read and easy to maintain.

SCORM itself isn’t perfect. Building something that passes the SCORM test suites might be easy (or it might not). Building something that will work in almost every LMS is anything but easy. The SCORM Driver works well with so many LMSs we’ve lost count. Dealing with SCORM, AICC, etc. is a problem you want to solve one time, not every time you deploy a piece of content. Integrate the SCORM Driver, and you’ve done just that.

SCORM Driver also lets you maintain much more control over your content than just using traditional SCORM courses. Learn about SCORM Driver Cross Domain (SDXD) here.

Includes support for the Experience API (xAPI)

SCORM Driver now supports next-gen SCORM, including the Experience API and cmi5. As a content creator, this means a few things to you:


Some places SCORM Driver is being used:

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