SCORM Dispatch

SCORM Dispatch lets you decide where your content is hosted, and it allows you to control distribution of your content. It is available as a hosted solution (via SCORM Cloud) or can be installed on your servers.

What are the key benefits of Dispatch?
  • You can “turn off” access to your content, even after it’s delivered to a client.
  • It’s easier to update your content…update it in one place, and it’s updated everywhere that you’ve already sent it.
  • Track usage of your content, even after you’ve sent it to a client
  • See aggregate reporting of all of the courses you’ve sent out
  • You can play the Experience API (xAPI) or SCORM 2004 content in an LMS that only supports SCORM 1.2
  • Play xAPI packages in any SCORM LMS.
  • All of your data is converted to xAPI statements
How does Dispatch work?

Dispatch works by creating a Dispatch Package out of your existing course. A Dispatch Package is a shell of a SCORM package that can be imported into an LMS. When the shell is launched by an LMS, it points back to your content – on your servers (or SCORM Cloud). This gives you a new level of control over your content — a level not available from a traditional LMS alone.

How do I get it?

That depends if you want us to store your courses for you (Cloud) or if you want to choose where you want to store your courses (Engine).

We store your courses (Cloud)


You store your courses (Engine)


Some places SCORM Engine is being used: