Our ulterior motives for making testing free


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For us

First and foremost, we put SCORM Test Track together because we knew that we needed it. As we worked with our clients’ content, we found that we were constantly frustrated by the tools available to us for testing that content. Furthermore, finding out why something didn’t work was exceptionally difficult.

Before SCORM Test Track came along, the best place to test your content was the sample run-time environment from ADL. It’s hard to find and even harder to install. We figured an application that didn’t require installation at all was the right way to go.

For you

SCORM is difficult and the community is tight. We knew that the industry as a whole could benefit from better tools and environments. In offering these to the community for free, we’re sure that the quality of SCORM content and the success of e-learning will be helped in general. We believe that the more the community is able to adopt SCORM, the more our products will be required. As they say, a rising tide…

For our products

SCORM Engine is far and away the most compatible SCORM delivery mechanism built. This is not an accident. SCORM Test Track was created with SCORM Engine components at its core and later was ported to run on SCORM Cloud before being rolled up as a feature of SCORM Cloud. This allows us to test SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud against a vast array of courses and constantly improve them.

SCORM Test Track also served as a collection ground for eccentric content. While we would never distribute your content, we absolutely use your feedback about its performance to confirm the abilities of our SCORM products as we evolve them. We always want to know how we’re doing. If your content doesn’t work in the testing area of SCORM Cloud, please let us know.

For us, again

Lastly, we hope you find this service useful. Great products should be easy to try. We hope it’s apparent to you that our products really are exceptional.